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February 13, 2017

Why Choose Rogowski Coils?

Many electricians and contractors are moving towards using Rogowski Coils because of the time saved during installation and the reduced shipping costs for high amperage requirements. Because of the size, weight and flexibility of a Rogowski Coil, installers can save significant time and labor because of the ease of surrounding conductors of all sizes. However, what most people don’t realize is that Rogowski Coils have many technical advantages over standard split-core or “donut” CT’s which can help improve monitoring energy in different applications.

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August 06, 2015

3 Reliable Methods of Medical Sterilization

One of the most vital processes within critical environments is the sterilization of medical tools and devices. Patient safety relies heavily on the efficiency and reliability of sterilization devices. Contaminants can become highly resistive to disinfection, which results in the need for high performance sterilization methods that will ensure sterile equipment. Three primary methods of medical sterilization occur from high temperature/pressure and chemical processes.

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May 18, 2015

HeadStart Software Makes Meter Installation Easy


The Power Patrol's HeadStart Software Solves Installation Issues

One of the biggest issues with sub-meters in the market today is their lack of versatility. Whether it is the complexity of selecting the correct part number, the need to configure a meter wearing a PPE suit in a dangerous enclosure, the inability to fit standard Current Transformers around busbars, or simply a lack of available wall space inside an electrical room to mount inside the meter, most meter manufacturers don't make the process of installing a meter very forgivable.

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May 14, 2015

Introducing the MRX Product Family


Meet the MRC and the MRG

Be on the lookout for our newest additions to the Setra family: the MRC and MRG.


The Setra Model MRG is Setra’s newest differential pressure transducer. The Setra MRG is the ideal product for any contractor, combining the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range transducer. The MRG has 8 selectable ranges and 3 selectable outputs, easily adjustable on the job with a flip of a switch or jumper.

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May 07, 2015

Fill the Skill Gap with Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Programs: The Solution For More Skilled Workers

A shortage in skilled labor is a serious issue in United States'

manufacturing industry.  Why? There's a misconception of what kind of training someone needs to have in order to enter professions within this industry.  Many begin to build their skills through trade school before becoming a manufacturing professional.  These students don't always get the proper hands-on training that can truly prepare them for the complex world of manufacturing  Yet with these schools, there's still the perception that traditional degrees have more long-term value than vocation training.

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April 13, 2015

Calculate Your Power Meter  ROI

Not only can a power meter allow for deeper insights on energy usage, but can provide significant installation savings. Overtime a power meter saves you money through the cost of the meter plus the labor associated with the installation. Knowing the installed cost improves the contractor's estimate accuracy, leading to more project wins and increased profitability. 

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April 08, 2015

Integrate Energy Management Into Your Budget

3 Ways To Have Room In Your Budget For An Energy Management System

With smart meter demand rising, price points still don't seem to be budging from its premium peak. Many don't realize that with an energy management program in place, the return outweigh the costs. Finding a budget is the first obstacle that needs to be tackled when looking into this expensive solution.

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April 01, 2015

Setra Power Patrol: Power Meter

Solve All Your Energy Monitoring Problems

Setra is proud to be providing an informational video guide on the newest power meter: The Power Patrol. Setra's Power Patrol is the most versatile solution in the industry, changing the way you think about energy management.

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February 23, 2015

ACREX India 2015: South Asia's Largest HVAC Show

ACREX India 2015 to Be Hosted in Bangalore February 26-28

Last year ACREX India saw 30,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors from 25 countries gather in Pargati Maidan, New Delhi for the largest show on Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Building Services. Not only did the trade show feature innovative new products from exhibitors, but eWorkshops and interactive panel discussions were available for all attendees. 

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January 29, 2015

AHR Recap: 3 Days of Innovation

Here's What You Missed at the 2015 AHR Expo

Thank you to all who visited us at Booth 3823 in the Building Automation section of the AHR Expo. We enjoyed seeing both new and familar faces! The world's largest HVACR event was anything but boring. With 8% more exhibitors than last year and approximately 62,000 attendees, AHR was a huge success. 

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