Room Pressure Monitors & Environmental Monitors

Room Pressure Monitors and Environmental Monitors are designed to keep critical spaces such as hospital rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, and cleanrooms safe by reducing the chance of contamination. Setra's line of environmental monitors/controllers and room pressure monitors are extremely reliable and accurate. In fact our products are trusted in some of the world's most advanced pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, and universities.

Setra Lite™ Visual Pressure Indicator


NEW! View room pressure status at a glance with Setra Lite. Easy to install and communicates to most building management systems.

Model SRPM Room Pressure Monitor


The SRPM is our standard single room BACnet capable room pressure monitor for measuring low differential pressure.

Setra FLEX™ Replacement Kit (Upgrade Old Monitors)


Easily upgrade your old room pressure monitor to the latest room pressure sensing technology.

Setra SRCM Room Condition Monitor


The SRCM is a high performance room pressure monitor made to monitor and alarm to multiple rooms.

Model MRMS Multi-Room Monitoring Station


The MRMS provides a central location to view room conditions for up to eight rooms with configurable audible/visual alarms.

Model SRIM2 Isolation Room Monitor


The SRIM2 is Setra’s highest performance non-BACnet product measuring low differential pressure in critical applications.

Model SRIM1 Isolation Room Monitor


The SRIM1 is an ideal solution for anyone who requires cost-effective local monitoring and alarming of a single pressure relationship.

Model SRIMV Velocity Sensor


Setra’s SRIMV is a multi-function non-BACnet device designed to monitor velocity with the option to measure several other parameters.

Model SRMD Room Monitoring Display


The SRMD is designed to provide a prominent display in critical environments.