Barometric Pressure Sensors

Barometric pressure sensors are designed to measure changes in atmospheric pressure. Setra's line of barometric pressure transducers are trusted in some of the most demanding applications including weather stations, data buoys, aircraft altimeter re-certification, and wind assessment and high-altitude research balloons. When accuracy and stability matter, choose the barometric pressure transducers trusted by multiple U.S. Government organizations including the FAA and NOAA.

Model 278


Setra’s Model 278 is the ideal solution for measuring barometric pressure for remote environmental applications. The 278 has very low power consumption.

Accuracy: ±~0.1%
Long-Term Stability: 0.1 mB/yr

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Model 270


The Model 270 pressure transducer is the most accurate analog sensor Setra manufactures. The available 0.03% FS accuracy is perfect for vital installations.

Accuracy: ±0.03% FS (Optional)
Long-Term Stability: 0.1% FS/YR

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Model 470


Setra Systems Model 470 offers extremely high accuracy and unmatched stability in a digital output configuration. Not CE marked.

Accuracy: ±0.02% FS² at 70F (21C)
Stability: 0.05% FS/YR

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Model 370


The Model 370 is an extremely versatile instrument. Pressure and altitude data is displayed on a 6 digit LCD and is also accessible through a bidirectional RS-232 port.

Accuracy: ±0.02% FS² at 70F (21C)
Stability: 0.05% FS/YR

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Model 276


The Model 276 barometric transducer is a budget-sensitive, low-cost pressure sensor designed specifically for OEM applications & system integrators.

Accuracy: ±0.25% FS²
Stability: 0.25% FS/6 Months

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Barometric Pressure Sensing Comparison

Setra Barometric Pressure Sensor Comparison Guide

Barometric Pressure Sensor Basics

What is Barometric Pressure? Simply put, barometric pressure is the measurement of air pressure in the atmosphere, specifically the measurement of the weight exerted by air molecules at a given point on Earth. Barometric pressure changes constantly and is always different depending on where the reading takes place.

Why it's important to accurately measure barometric pressure? Accurate measurement of barometric pressure is essential for weather forecasting, aviation safety, automotive performance, HVAC efficiency, scientific research, and environmental monitoring. It enables prediction of weather patterns, altitude calculation, optimal equipment operation, and informed decision-making in various applications and industries.

What are the applications of barometric pressure sensors? Barometric pressure sensors find applications in various fields such as meteorology, aviation, automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. They are used in weather stations, altimeters, drones, smartphones, and HVAC systems, among others.

What are the different types of barometric pressure sensors available? Barometric pressure sensors come in various types, including absolute pressure sensors, gauge pressure sensors, and differential pressure sensors. Each type is designed for specific applications and pressure measurement requirements.