Pressure Sensors for Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment and Related Machinery

Whether for use in hospitals, doctor or dentist offices, or diagnostic laboratories, Setra's pressure sensors provide visibility and reliability for the critical components of health care.

As health-care technology has evolved, it has allowed us to heal faster, stay healthy and live longer. Today, Setra's products play an integral role in this process, measuring process media and validating new equipment for use. Setra uses our 50+ years of history to provide to most accurate, reliable and affordable pressure sensing devices. In turn, manufacturers rely on these tools to maintain environments that fulfill regulatory requirements.

Medical device with medical grade pressure sensor



Setra Model AXD

Product Embedded, Gas Delivery
Setra’s latest and greatest industrial pressure sensors covers a wide range of pressures at a low cost and short lead time. We offer both 17-4 and 316L wetted materials to work with a wide variety of fluids. For additional compatibility the AXD can be cleaned for oxygen service.

Setra Model 210

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Setra’s Model 210 is the ultimate in circuit board-mountable pressure sensors. In addition to the convenience of quick PCB installations, the 210 offers wide media compatibility with its stainless steel sensor construction.





Setra Model 730

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Setra’s Model 730 is a high accuracy capacitance manometer for measuring low vacuum pressure ranges that are critical to the control of the processes. The wetted parts are made with Inconel® to provide compatibility with the chemicals often used in medical device sterilization.

Setra Model ASL

R&D, Test Stands
The ASL is Setra’s top of the line low pressure differential pressure sensor. This device is perfect for leak testing or filter verification due to its high accuracy and robust design. The ASL has high overpressure protection and is thermally compensated for peak performance in any application.

Model ASL - Angle - 800x800 - WEB


Why Medical Device Manufacturers Trust Setra


Over 50 years of engineering excellence


Over 10,000,000 installs worldwide


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