Pressure Testing for Engines and Automotive Components

The business of examining engines and manufacturing automotive components is the business of keeping passengers safe on the road and in the air. Pressure testing plays a huge role in this process, and so does Setra.

Throughout the engine-testing process, Setra's transducers work to gauge pressure and ensure safe operation. They're no strangers to verifying that turbo-jet and turbo-fan aircraft engines meet certification standards, monitoring EPR and providing pressure data for gas-turbine engines and auxiliary-power engines. You'll also see them in engine-control tools such as advanced electronic systems for turbocharged gasoline engines and barometric devices to determine mass airflow. For diesel engines, they conduct performance analysis of various engine parts and determine horsepower, coolant lubrication, fuel-system operation, fuel consumption and turbo efficiency.

Aircraft & Automotive Pressure Transducers

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