Wireless Sensors from Setra

How it Works: Setra will help you create an accurate, reliable and scalable real-time monitoring system, to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind

Our wireless sensing product line of transmitters, probes and accessories covers all of your points of measurement, from temperature and humidity to door status and CO2.

Setra's wireless transmitters send all data securely and reliably to our local system gateway (EDGE) and then to the SetraCloud for access to real-time and historical data through Setra's Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software (CEMS).

Our wireless transmitters allow users to configure alerts necessary to ensure perishable goods and samples remain within optimum storage conditions and regulatory requirements. 

Our wireless transmitters will automatically monitor, measure, and record temperature, humidity and gases such as C02 as well as allow you to keep track of door events.

We will help you to stay compliant with the latest regulations without the stress associated with manual record-keeping and audit processes; whether it’s the Joint Commission, FDA, or CDC, we’ve got you covered.

We offer robust data storage across all of our systems to ensure that complete records are not only error-free, but also maintained in accordance with any regulatory requirements applicable to your industry.

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Managing a controlled environment is not easy; our wireless monitoring solution provides you with peace of mind, so you can focus on what is most important.
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Setra's wireless transmitters and probes measure and record temperature, humidity, door contacts, and gases such as CO2. Communicating over Wi-Fi, our wireless transmitters have both visual and audible local alarms, while remote alarms and text notifications are available through Setra’s Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software (CEMS).

From storing sensitive products in a hospital pharmacy or producing commercial pharmaceutical products in a cleanroom environment requiring FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance - Setra has a solution for you. 

The SRF612 is used for wireless temperature measurement inside appliances and in ambient environments. 

The SRF614 (Ultra Low Temp) is used for wireless temperature measurement inside appliances like freezers, cryogenic tanks and incubators. 

SRF615 (Configurable) is used for wireless measurement of user defined parameters. Common measurement parameters for the SRF615 are temperature, humidity, and CO2.  The SRF615 is used for wireless measurement inside appliances and incubators. 


The PST (Thermistor) Air Probe is a damped air probe for use with SRF600 Wireless Transmitters. The probe is connected to a 2.0m lead.

The SRF600 DR1 Standard Door Event Sensor works with SRF500 Transmitters to monitor activity on doors such as those on refrigerators and freezers.

The SRF520 Mains Power Supply Unit (PSU) for SRF500 Transmitters. It is suitable for use with the following products;

The 6-Pin Lumberg Adapter Box is designed for SRF600 wireless transmitters and allows you to connect up to one wireless transmitter.

The Ultra-Low Temperature Air Probe is capable of measuring temperatures as low as -196°C/-321°F and is designed for ultra-low temperature monitoring.

The Heavy Duty Door Event Sensor works with SRF600 Wireless Transmitters to monitor activity on doors such as those on storage areas and large walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

The Air Probe Duplex is a damped, duplex air probe for use with SRF Wireless Transmitters. Each probe is connected to a 2.0m lead.


Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

Our SRF614 wireless transmitter and Ultra-Low Temp Air Probe offer a solutions for ultra-low temperature storage, allowing you to monitor down to at least -196°C (-321°F), making our solutions flexible to meet your needs. 


Setra supports projects of any size; from large scale projects that require strict regulatory compliance, to small single room applications we are here to help support your needs. 

We offer a full product support package that includes excellent technical support, on-site engineering support, UKAS calibration (equivalent to NIST) and the long-term storage of all of your records with CEMS and calibration certificates to aid with mandatory audits.


Expert Guidance & Advice

Setra provides superior technical and customer support throughout your project lifecycle - contact us for expert advice on your project requirements.