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Setra Flex 2018 AHR Innovation Award Winner

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At the heart of Setra's new environmental monitoring platform is Setra FLEX™. Setra FLEX™ provides a flexible room environmental control and monitoring solution in a simple-to-use package. In October of 2017, the AHR Expo announced that Setra FLEX™ had won the 2018 AHR Innovation Award in Building Automation.

Setra FLEX™

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2018 ASHE Annual Conference
Power Battalion 48 Power Meter

The Power Battalion 48 is a flexible, multi-circuit power meter designed to significantly reduce the cost per metering point as well as decrease installation time. The versatility of the device allows monitoring of two separate voltage sources from the same meter. It can be used with both standard CT’s as well as Setra Patrol Flex CT’s and monitors up to 16 3-phase loads, 48 single phase loads or a combination of both to cover any application need.

Power Battalion
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  • They make one hell of a nice transducer - very accurate, at a very favorable price.

  • I've always had a good feeling about Setra. Basically it stems from an early experience when I was just starting out and didn't know what to buy. I took a chance with Setra and everything worked out perfectly. I didn't look like an idiot, and I didn't have to spend hundreds of hours on the phone trying to figure out why the transducers were failing.

  • I just can't afford to pay premium prices for anything and Setra helps me out in keeping my machine cost budget in line.

  • What I like best about Setra is how they respond to questions or problems. We've dealt with other supplies and not hearing a response in a timely manner seems to be the norm; I don't really want to waste my time on them. Timely response is key, and Setra is the most responsive transducer company I work with.