Setra Select™ - Solutions for OEMS

Setra Select is a free program to help OEMs find the right off the shelf solution for their project, or to custom design a sensor if needed. Setra has millions of product configurations - our experts can help you weed through these options so you find the correct Setra sensor for your needs. If we can't find the right solution, Setra's engineers have decades of experience designing and developing custom solutions. Let our engineers work with you to build custom sensors where needed.

Off the Shelf Solutions

With millions of part numbers, chances are we have a pressure sensor that meets your specs and requirements. Our team can help you sort through the many options Setra Systems has to find the right pressure sensor at the right price. Contact us today, and one of our staff engineers will happily take the time to listen to your requirements and help you find an off the shelf solution.

Custom Solutions

If our team cannot find an off the solution for your pressure sensing needs, we move to our custom solution process. Setra Systems has a full staff of in-house, experienced engineers. We have the resources to produce custom pressure sensors to the most exacting specs. We will help you with testing to ensure the custom pressure sensor works flawlessly in your product or application.

Industrial Selection Guide
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Download our industrial sensor product selection guide to learn more about our most popular pressure sensors for industrial and OEM list. This guide is perfect for you if you want to view our sensors before reaching out. Note that Setra has solutions for HVAC, critical environments, and energy management. This selection guide only contains our industrial pressure sensors.

Setra Select - 4 Steps to a Solution

In a few easy steps, you will have a tailored pressure sensing solution! We begin the process by taking the time to listen to your needs and requirements. If you have a product or application already in mind, we can look at drawings and specs to help with the selection process. Our team will look at your requirements and suggest a few different solutions or begin our custom product process. Once a solution is found, we move on to testing and production. Setra brings over 50 years of experience to make this process easy!


Step 1: Send us your application & requirements

Step 2: We review your submission & schedule a call

Step 3: We suggest off the shelf or custom solutions

Step 4: Testing & Production!

Knowledgeable Engineers & In-House Manufacturing

Setra Systems employees a full in-house staff of experienced engineers. Our engineers are always happy to help customers choose the best sensor for their needs or design a custom solution when necessary. They are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and manufacturing resources to meet almost any requirements. Our engineers work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure quality and reliability in every sensor we produce.



Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Durability

With over 50 years of experience, Setra Systems is known as a premium manufacturer of pressure sensors. When accuracy, reliability, and dependability matter, you can trust Setra's sensors. We take our customers' trust seriously and have exacting quality standards. Setra controls the entire process from design, development, and deployment with in-house engineers and in-house manufacturing.

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