Differential Pressure Sensors

Setra’s differential pressure sensors are known for their quality and reliability. Designed with premium capacitive sensing technology, Setra offers single-range and multi-range (field selectable) pressure sensors. Capable of measuring both liquid and gasses, Setra has the product to meet a breadth of HVAC applications and can be trusted in your most critical applications. Trust Setra's over 50 years of pressure transducer engineering excellence.

MRX Series Differential Pressure Sensors


The Setra MRG is the ideal product for any contractor, combining the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range transducer.

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Model 204D High Accuracy Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 204 is the "standard" for measuring gauge and absolute pressure in the Test & Measurement industry.

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Model 230 Wet-to-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer


The Model 230 is Setra's highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in wet-to-wet applications. Its single diaphragm design enables a true wet-to-wet differential pressure measurement with superior accuracy.

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Model 264 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer

Model 264 Image - Front Angle - 800x800

Setra’s 264 is the “standard” for low differential pressure measurement in HVAC building automation, high accuracy pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities.

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Model 201 Very Low Differential & Gauge Pressure Transducer


Setra’s Model 201 is an accurate, low cost pressure transducer for measuring very low differential of gauge pressure.

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Model 231 Wet-to-Wet Differential, Multi-Configurable Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 231 is a multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer offering the user an all-in-one device with field selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs.

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Model 231RS Wet-to-Wet Differential, Multi-Configurable Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 231RS is the industry's first multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer utilizing remote sensors.

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Model 239 High Accuracy Low Differential Pressure Transducer


Setra’s Model 239 is the “standard” for measuring low differential pressure in the Test & Measurement industry.

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Model 265 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer


Setra’s Model 265 is a lower price solution that offers an excellent price to performance ratio and meets the requirements in all typical HVAC applications.

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Model 267 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 267 is Setra’s most highly configurable multirange low differential pressure transducer. It delivers accuracies of ±0.25%, 0.5% and ±1% FS and pressure ranges from 0.1” W.C. up to 100” W.C.

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Model 540/542 High Performance Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 540/542 pressure transducer is designed for harsh applications that require long-term service and high performance.

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Setra Lite™ Visual Differential Pressure Indicator


The Setra Lite Room Pressure Indicator provides a simple, cost-effective, and accurate way to monitor and display room differential pressure.

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Model ASL Pressure Transducer

Setra Model ASL White BG

Setra’s Model ASL is the highest accuracy transducer for measuring low differential pressure in the AccuSense™ product line.

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Model 269 Low Differential Pressure Transducer


Setra's Model 269 transducer is the highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in critical environments.

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Differential Pressure Basics

What is differential pressure? Differential pressure (DP or ΔP) is simply the difference between two pressure forces. Typically, differential pressure is measured across an object, like a filter, to measure the difference or changes in pressure. As the pressure on one “side” increases or decreases disproportionately to the other, differential pressure will change accordingly.

Why is differential pressure important? Differential pressure is important in the context of HVAC systems largely for efficiency. In a general building setting, maintaining differential pressure ensures enough airflow to condition the building, while not overworking the system - preventing unnecessary energy usage. Measuring the pressure differential across filters in HVAC ductwork, for example, also help with predictive maintenance – reducing both short term and long term cost.

How do differential pressure sensors work? Differential pressure transducers are designed with capacitive sensing technology. These sensors have thin diaphragms located between two parallel metal plates. When external pressure is applied, the diaphragm flexes slightly, causing a change in the capacitance and therefore a change in the output of the sensor.

What is a capacitive pressure sensor? A capacitive pressure sensor is a sensor that measures differential pressure using capacitive technology. Capacitive pressure sensors have a thin diaphragm that flexes as pressure is applied. The distance of flex is measured and translated as a pressure reading. This technology allows capacitive pressure sensors to report in near real-time with extraordinary accuracy.

What makes Setra's differential pressure sensors stand out? Setra’s pressure sensors are considered best-in-class for a handful of reasons, including their accuracy, ranges, and stability. Setra produces sensors with accuracy as high as +/- 0.02% Full Scale. The sensors reach measurement ranges as low as 0.05 inches of water column (approximately 0.0018 PSI) and their capacitive technology also allows extremely low impact from device age and environmental conditions when compared to competitive units.