Setra CEMS™

Continuous Environmental Monitoring System

Data Logging and Intuitive Dashboard Views for Your Critical Spaces

  • Industry-leading Sensing Hardware
  • Customizable Software Interface
  • Real-time Data and Remote Alarm Notifications
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance Reporting
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CEMS Applications

  • Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Operating Rooms

  • Laboratories
  • Isolation & Treatment Rooms

  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Vivarium

Monitor, Trend & Alert with CEMS Software

Setra’s CEMS software collects real-time data from in-room sensors and provides actionable information and feedback to users. Along with data visualization and alarm notifications, CEMS stores sensor data, alarm events and audit logs for compliance reporting.


cems and hardware


Compatible with Setra and 3rd Party Sensors

CEMS software accepts inputs from both Setra and 3rd party sensing hardware. Regardless of if your application has existing hardware installed or if you are building a new facility, CEMS can receive and analyze your data.

Monitor Limitless Parameters

Designed to be adaptable, CEMS can easily accommodate site specific needs. There is no restriction on what parameters can be monitored with CEMS, but the most common include: pressure, %RH, CO₂, particle counts, ACH, door status and door counts.



INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons to Choose CEMS
Why CEMS - Environmental Monitoring Infographic
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