Regardless if your application has existing hardware installed or if you are building a new facility, CEMS can provide continuous environmental monitoring of your critical parameters

  • Visibility & Accountability

Continuous environmental monitoring that increases accountability and visibility with automated compliance checks, timestamps, and signatures."

  • Regulatory Compliance

Reduces difficulty in meeting state and federal requirements for quality control with remote monitoring and alerting protocols.

  • Contamination Prevention

Prevents damaging environmental fluctuations with the ability of proactive actions by staff through trend charts, alerting protocols, and state-of-the-art hardware.

  • Automate Manual Operations

Access automated reporting and 24/7 data visualization to remove human error in manual data logging and report creation.

  • Product Safety and Integrity

Ensuring high-value assets like vaccines, medications, medical devices, and more remain at safe conditions for use.

  • Gain Actionable Insights

Instant feedback necessary to enable faster response to adverse conditions and mitigate risk of product sterility.

Dashboard & Features


Real Time & Historical Visualization

Setra CEMS gives you the ability to track and trend both real-time and historical data over a rolling two year time period. Any of that data can be captured and exported using the CEMS reporting tools.

Compatible with Setra and 3rd Party Sensors

CEMS software accepts inputs from both Setra and 3rd party sensing hardware. Regardless of if your application has existing hardware installed or if you are building a new facility, CEMS can receive and analyze your data.

cems and hardware1

Tile and Floor Plan View

CEMS offers both a tile view and a floor plan view that shows halo dots at each sensing device. This allows for real time monitoring of conditions within your critical space. Alarm thresholds for each device are tailored to your space, displayed visually across CEMS, and sent via email and SMS text notifications.