Energy Management

Submetering Simplified

Every year 30% of electricity in commercial buildings is wasted, let Setra help you find where your energy is going and how to manage it.


How the Meter Works



Utilize the built-in configuration portal to easily map out what’s being measured to support any energy management strategy



Wire the voltage service lines, current transformers, pule I/O and communications wiring to the meter



Leverage the available BACnet or Modbus communications protocol to tie the meter into any existing or new EMS or BAS within the application


Facilities Using Setra Power Meters

Setra Power Meter is used in many different facilities to help monitor energy use, save on energy costs, aid with tenant billing, identify equipment malfunctions, and so much more. Click on the buttons below to discover the many applications using Setra's Power Meter.


Selecting a Solution
as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Identify what's going to be metered


Look across the installation and identify the equipment that are to be measured to support energy strategy

Examples: Chillers, Lighting, AHU’s, Tenant Usage


Count up how many CT’s are needed


Match the CT amperage to the breaker feeding the load or use Patrol Flex Coils (up to 1500A)

Single-Phase Service = 1CT
Split-Phase Service = 2 CT’s
Three Phase Service= 3 CT’s


Select Meter Part Number


Take the CT count and select the meter with the right number by matching the CT’s with available inputs

SPM03EDN = 3 CT inputs
SPM12EDN = 12 CT inputs
SPM48EDN = 48 CT inputs

Looking for guidance? Let us help you get started.