HVAC Applications of Pressure Transducers

Whether you aim to improve comfort, manage maintenance within a building, minimize mold, or monitor the pressure in a critical space, Setra's pressure transducers get the job done. Our HVAC applications are split into three main categories: pressure, current, and relative humidity sensors.

From our low differential pressure products to relative-humidity transmitters, Setra's products cover a huge range of HVAC applications, no matter the environment. Our ultra-low-pressure sensor technology works for a variety of applications, from static, flow, and differential pressure measurements, accuracy, and reliability are the hallmark of the Setra brand. With respect to occupancy health and comfort, our SRH humidity sensors come in wall, duct, and outdoor-air options to protect critical processes and measures humidity levels to prevent mold growth within the ductwork. And look to our family of current sensors to monitor motors that drive fans, pumps, and blowers—or even control them remotely.

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Differential Pressure

Indoor Air Quality

Power Monitoring

Current Sensing