Scales and Weighing Systems

Counting Scales and Laboratory Balances of Exceptional Quality and Accuracy

Variable capacitance: Every counting scale, laboratory balance and load cell we produce exhibits extraordinary precision due to this very technology, which was patented by Setra. In doing so, we've developed a means to deliver high weighing accuracy at a comparatively low price.

You may not normally group injection-molded parts, semiconductor chips and diodes with money, fish, and seeds. However, all of these parts compose just another day's work for Setra's counting scales. Thus, it's no surprise a range of companies, including AT&T, Motorola, Kodak and Milton Bradley—in addition to aerospace and component companies—rely on these tools for their manufacturing and inventory-control needs. 

Our laboratory balances are noted for their simplistic and rugged design, which delivers high readability for a broad range of weights. At the same time, our load cells are used in a huge amount of OEM applications, including paint-mixing scales in automotive repair shops. Our variable-capacitance technology is paired with a unique ceramic sensor, allowing us to provide our customers with high price-to-performance solutions for their weighing needs.

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