Why Measure Pressure in Hospital Linen Closets?

October 17, 2019

For a hospital to be compliant with ventilation guidelines (such as ASHRAE Standard-170), proper pressurization must be maintained in several spaces. Some of these spaces, like a linen closet, call for pressurization but do not require monitoring beyond a simple tissue test inspection.

However, continuous monitoring of a linen closet can be critical. Linens in a closet are assumed to be "clean" but can quickly become contaminated if the closet is not properly pressurized. Once contaminated, the linens could easily pass infections to patients.setra-lite-pressure-sensor

Monitoring pressure ensures cleaned linens and other hospital room items remain free of potentially infectious air. Setra Lite™ is an easy to install visual pressure indicator that lets you see if a linen closet is properly pressurized, even from down the hall. Tying the Setra Lite into the Setra FLEX™ or a building management system further ensures patient safety through proper pressurization of the linen closet.

Topics: Critical Environments