What is UL 2808?

June 21, 2019

UL 2808 is one of the most recent and updated safety standards released by UL. It is designed to provide for retrofit energy monitoring equipment such as commercial submeters and associated equipment, including open-type current transformers. It was released in 2012 under the category code XOBA.

What does UL 2808 apply to?

This standard applies to split-core current transformers (CTs). More specifically, this standard includes open-type CTs and their associated signal level combiner and/or multiplexer board accessories. These CTs are intended for field installation within distribution and control equipment to measure current consumption on a branch circuit such as:

  • Panelboardsul-2808-split-core-current-transformers-1
  • Switchboards
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Energy monitoring/management equipment

These requirements also contain guidelines for enclosed-type CTs intended for outdoor use. Testing and certification from UL is required for split-core CTs being field-installed in submetering applications. The 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that field installed CTs within distribution and control equipment must be UL listed. These NEC requirements include retrofit energy monitoring equipment as well as CTs factory mounted in an enclosure.

Why comply?

If you currently use split-core CTs or anticipate using them in the future, keep UL 2808 in mind. Split-core CTs with the UL 2808 certification make operating power meters safer, particularly those for commercial submetering. As it becomes more common for such applications to require UL 2808 listed power meters, making the switch to UL 2808 rated CTs is recommended.

Maintaining compliance with Standards is paramount, especially with energy monitoring equipment. Disregarding safety standards like UL 2808 can be dangerous and lead to unnecessary risk.