The Model AXD™ Pressure Sensor: Reliability for Refrigeration

April 14, 2020

In HVAC and refrigeration, pressure sensors monitor pressure changes to indicate when issues arise. Drops in pressure can alert technicians of needed maintenance or larger problems. Within the variety of HVAC applications are also numerous available sensors for every environment. For example, industrial pressure sensors can be used to measure the pressure of fluorocarbon refrigerants, the pressure of chilled water in chiller systems, or the pressure of refrigerant in a refrigeration system.

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HVAC and refrigeration applications for industrial pressure sensors include:

  • VAV
  • Ahu
  • Chillers
  • Compressors

For HVAC and refrigeration applications with precise requirements, the AXD Pressure Sensor can meet them. IT has a wide temperature operating range of -40°C to 125°C so it can function in nearly any environment.  A small form factor with a small diameter, IP67 rated housing, and options for many pressure and electrical fittings makes the AXD adaptable to any application. The AXD comes standard with 17-4 SS wetted materials, which are robust enough for applications using refrigerant or glycol. With a high accuracy of 0.25% FS and a low total error band of <1.5% FS, the AXD can be used for almost any pressure function in HVAC or refrigeration.

Topics: General Industrial, HVAC/R