Setra FLEX will be at AHR 2019

January 03, 2019

Setra FLEX is a comprehensive environmental monitoring system for critical environments. Winner of the 2018 AHR Innovation Award in the Building Automation category, FLEX provides flexible room control and monitoring in a pre-configured, simple to use unit.



FLEX fits every need

Fully compliant with ASHRAE 170 as well as USP 797 and USP 800, Setra FLEX is adaptable and offers different options to fit the specific needs of any critical environment. FLEX-RM is designed for environments that only require monitoring and no control from the touch screen is necessary. For those spaces where both monitoring and control are needed, FLEX-RC is ideal with the addition of PI loops or network control of VAV boxes, venturi valves, or hydronic reheat valves. FLEX-RC allows users to save energy by choosing from 2 PI loops and 2 monitoring sets of any 4 room modes, such as occupied and unoccupied. All FLEX designs are compatible with other critical environment sensors including air quality monitors, occupancy sensors, door switches, and velocity sensors. FLEX is the center of a network of sensors monitoring critical environments.

The flush-mount faceplate can meet any architectural requirements, and the mechanical enclosure is designed for use in even thin-wall applications. The mount of the faceplate and its attachment to the unit body prevents tampering but allows for easy opening for pressure re-calibration. FLEX can support 3 rooms and monitor up to 6 parameters per room. Users can define 2 of these parameters, such as light levels or VOC monitoring. The user can customize the parameters shown on the display to see the information they need most. Including all these features in one device is an industry first for room environmental monitors.

Software setup is simple

Software for FLEX comes pre-installed and no programming by the user is required. Simple setup screens allow for easy configuration and network integration. The unit can even be configured remotely over BACnet. Once the unit is configured, it can be cloned to other units with a USB drive. FLEX is compatible with BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP, making integration with building automation systems easy. As critical environments continue to require more sophisticated monitoring and control, FLEX delivers the features to meet today's standards and anticipate tomorrow's needs.


Come see Setra FLEX at AHR 2019!

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