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The Setra FLEX™ is a complete monitoring and control solution in a pre-configured and easy-to-use package. Offering all of the essential parameters that require monitoring, the FLEX will meet all of your critical environment needs.
- Monitor and Control Up to 3 Spaces
- 6 Parameters per Room, Total 18
- 7" Touch Screen, Works with Medical Gloves
- Integrates with BMS Systems
- BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP
- USB Cloning Feature Saves Time
- High Accuracy Pressure Transducer
- Expansion I/O Available

- Hospitals - ASHRAE Standard 170
- Pharmacies - USP 797 & USP 800
- Bio-safety & Vivarium Laboratories
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
- Custom for OEM, Energy, Industrial


From the pressure experts comes the most accurate and reliable room pressure monitor in the industry - but that's not all. Now you can monitor and control pressures, temperature, humidity, and air changes per hour; plus, any two additional parameters you may require. Visualize the data by either hard wiring the sensors, or by mapping network objects via BACnet. The FLEX is flexible enough to meet any HVAC sensing or control need and customizable enough to monitor energy usage and industrial equipment.


The Setra FLEX comes out-of-the-box ready to configure at the job site. No programming or training is required for setup. Just configure your sensors and network on-site and the FLEX is ready to go. If there are many units to configure, our unique USB cloning feature helps you get them done even faster, saving time and money.


FLEX comes in two models, providing both the best price-to-performance as well as the one-of-a-kind feature set to meet the most difficult application needs. Both FLEX models can be controlled over the network via read/write BACnet objecs, permitting both local control via the touch screen or control from the BMS.

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Detailed Description

The Setra FLEX™ provides a flexible room environmental control and monitoring solution in a simple-to-use package. An attractive flush mount faceplate is complemented by an intuitive graphical display to meet any architectural requirement. The unit supports 3 rooms, monitoring up to 6 parameters for each room. If addition I/O is required, an expansion I/O module enables the monitoring and control for more complicated applications. An optional differential pressure sensor can be either factory-installed in the unit or ordered separately and installed above the ceiling. Integration with building automation systems is made easy through either BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP network protocols.

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Modular Design - A modular hardware design enables the FLEX monitor to fit in various wall thickness found around the globe.  For applications which require the monitor to fit in wall depths less than 50mm, the FLEX can be ordered with an external pressure sensor.  When mounting in a three gang electrical box, the FLEX can be ordered with an integrated on-board sensor.  Sufficient on-board I/O provides connectivity for most common equipment and sensor applications.  If additional connections are required, or if more advanced HVAC applications demand it, the expansion I/O module can be ordered as an accessory.  A high accuracy of 0.25% differential pressure transducer is used in all pressure sensing options.  A projected capacitive touch screen provides swipe functionality and allowed for use with medical gloves.  The faceplate is attached to the unit body, enabling both tamper resistant operation and easy opening for pressure calibration.


Setra FLEX-RM and FLEX-RC - FLEX software is designed to suit any application, with the ability to support up to 3 rooms.  FLEX-RM (Room Monitor) provides monitoring only, for those applications where no control from the touch screen is needed.  The FLEX-RC (Room Control) offers monitoring, plus PI loop or network control of VAV boxes, venturi valves, or hydronic reheat valves.  Software is pre-installed, with configuration and network integration done using simple setup screens.  There is no programming required.  When completed, configuration settings on one unit can be cloned to other devices using a standard USB thumb drive, thereby shortening commissioning time.  Units can also be configured remotely over a BACnet network.

The FLEX monitor is both a controller and a monitor, with audible and visual alarming on all room parameters.  The FLEX monitor enables users to save energy by choosing from wo PI control loops and two monitoring sets for any of four room modes, such as occupied and unoccupied.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports 3 Rooms, 6 Parameters Each
  • 7" Projected Capacitive Touch ScreenFlush Mount to Wall
  • Mounts in Standard Electrical Boxes
  • Full Touch Response with Medical Gloves
  • No Programming Required
  • 4 Inputs & 2 Outputs On-board
  • 8 Inputs & 8 Outputs Expansion I/O Module
  • On-board or External Pressure Transducer
  • High Accuracy 0.25% Sensor Standard
  • Monitor and Control Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Air Change Rate and 2 User Defined Parameters
  • 4 Customizable Room Profiles
  • 2 Levels of Password Security
  • User-defined On-screen Text and Icons
  • Configuration Options Help Reduce Nuisance Alarms
  • 50mm Wall Depth when Sensor is Mounted  Remotely
  • Cloning Features Reduces Time Required for Multi-Unit Installation

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