Release Announcement: New Setra LITE Features

January 13, 2022

Setra is pleased to announce our simple and cost-effective LITE room pressure monitor just got better. With this latest version, there are now several new features and updates, increasing the functionality and usability of LITE for your specific needs.

Audible AlarmLITE_RED RING blue speaker icon Alarming

Setra LITE now has an option for a configurable audible alarm. The alarm can be heard up to 30ft way with typical background noise, and reports in 2 second intervals until acknowledged. To acknowledge the alarm, simply press the lens cover beneath the monitor screen.

Dual AlertDUAL ALERT_ ISO back to back

The dual alert option provides visual indication both inside and outside the monitored space. Pairing the standard LITE with a matching pressure pickup port with visual light indicator provides an added level of safety for all space users and enhances the ability for LITE to replace existing through the wall non-Setra monitors with little to no building modification. Dual alert allows for simple, permanent monitoring of air flow where status is desired in both spaces.

EXTRA - LITE_BLACK_LANDSCAPE_LEFT ISO_2021-12-03.png cropped

Black and Landscape

Two aesthetic options have been added for the Setra LITE: color and orientation. Depending on the needs of the space, LITE is now available in either black or white, portrait or landscape.

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