Setra LiteRoom Pressure Monitor

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Now Available with Audible Alarm and Dual Alert Functions

The Setra Lite™ Room Pressure Monitor provides a simple, cost-effective, and accurate way to monitor and display room differential pressure in areas that today require manual verification.

Product description

Setra Lite is the simplest and easiest to use room pressure monitor in the market. Setra Lite™ is designed to easily fit in a single gang electric box, and also provides a visual display of the pressure, powered by Setra's legendary capacitive pressure sensor. 

Simple Installation - Setra Lite is about the size of a standard light switch, and just as a simple to install. It fits in a single-gang US electrical box, or international 86-box, and is powered by 24VAC or 24VDC. The reference side pressure pickup is integral with the Setra Lite faceplate. An analog output provides the building management system with the pressure signal for any additional trending or alarming needed.

Advantages - For local staff managing an area, Setra Lite has a light ring that is green or red and an optional audible alarm, clearly indicating room conditions. For the facility manager, using the Setra Lite means a reduction in preventative maintenance walk-by inspections because Setra Lite is monitoring the space.

Works with Setra FLEX™ - Setra Lite also integrates seamlessly with the Setra FLEX environmental monitor. Mount Setra Lite at additional doors that enter the space, and use an on-screen badge to display its value.

Typical Applications

Advanced Room Pressure Monitor
Setra Lite Features
  • Single-room pressure monitoring for a wide variety of pressurized spaces in healthcare and life sciences
  • Saves preventive maintenance from manually checking each room
  • Sleek and attractive single wall plate
  • Installs in minutes
  • Room pressure pickup included
  • Visual alarm via red/green light ring
  • Optional audible alarm
  • Light ring that can be seen at an angle or down a hallway
  • Digital display can be always-on or momentary
  • Full configuration is easy, using just 3 buttons
  • Configurable analog output provides pressure reading to BMS system
  • Works with Setra FLEX to serve spaces with multiple rooms

Setra Lite Light Ring Indicates Room Pressure Status

Prop 65 Notice WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm (For more information go to

NOTICE: Lead is encapsulated in the sensor glass housed inside the product.

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Advanced Room Pressure Monitor


Setra FLEX™ is Setra Systems' most advanced environmental room monitor. Setra FLEX monitors more than just pressure. You can integrate many of our sensors, including humidity, temperature, and particle sensors into Setra FLEX. Setra Lite™ is also designed to tie in directly to Setra FLEX.