Off-Highway Vehicles and Test/Measurement

September 24, 2019

Demanding applications like off-highway vehicles and test/measurement require durable pressure transducers with overpressure capabilities. Without them, projects can come to a standstill if a single pressure transducer fails.


Industrial applications and off-highway vehicles create harsh physical conditions of pressure spikes, shock, and vibration for transducers to endure. The harsh circumstances of these applications can easily damage sensitive instruments. Such damage can inhibit pressure monitoring in hydraulics, load weighing, braking systems, and pneumatic systems, resulting in time consuming and costly issues. Pressure transducers rated for overpressure provide durability and reliability to those projects.

Testing both engines and manufacturing automotive components ensures the equipment is safe to operate. Pressure testing helps verify turbo-jet and turbo-fan aircraft engines meet certification standards and provides pressure data for gas turbine and auxiliary power engines. In engine-control tools like advanced electronic systems for turbocharged gasoline engines and barometric devices, pressure transducers help determine mass airflow. For diesel engines, pressure transducers are of use when conducting performance analysis and determining horse power, coolant lubrications, fuel-system operation, fuel efficiency, and turbo efficiency.


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