Don't Purchase a Monitoring System That'll be Obsolete Before You Install It

January 21, 2020

As is common with most technology today, a room pressure monitor (RPM) can quickly be obsoleted by technological advances. With such rapid improvements in technology, it is crucial to select and RPM for your critical environment that won't be obsoleted by new technology in a year. Setra Flex Environmental Room Monitor is a high-end monitoring and control solution that helps hospitals meet the ever-changing standards of a variety of applications:

  • ASHRAE Standard 170 in hospitals
  • USP 797 and USP 800 in pharmacies
  • Bio-safety and vivarium laboratory regulations

Meeting Standardssetra-flex-environmental-room-monitor

One of the most common reasons an RPM becomes obsolete is it no longer helps the critical environment meet the standards of the space. To avoid this issue, install an RPM that anticipates future changes to the standards. Setra FLEX is advanced enough to adapt to the ever-changing standards of any critical environment so it won't be obsoleted when requirements evolve. Setra FLEX supports 3 rooms, monitoring up to 6 parameters per room with the option to customize said parameters to meet monitoring standards. Additional parameters to control can include humidity, temperature, occupancy, particle count, door status, and air velocity. If needed, external pressure sensors can be plugged in to monitor additional rooms or spaces from 1 Setra FLEX. The ability to customize FLEX means it can adapt as standards change and thus won't become obsolete technology.

Modern Hardware

Another reason an RPM becomes obsolete is new or improved hardware comes into use. A modular hardware design enables FLEX to fit in various applications around the globe. The attractive flush mount face plate is complemented by an intuitive graphical display to meet any architectural requirement. The face plate is attached to the unit body, enabling both tamper resistant operation and easy opening for pressure calibration. The projected capacitive touch screen provides swipe functionality even when users are wearing medical gloves. FLEX's refined design is not easily bested by new technology.

Up-to-date Software

Finally, an RPM can become obsolete when it operates on software that can't be updated to sync with a building management system. For FLEX, integration with building management systems is made easy through either BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP network protocols. Sufficient onboard I/O provides connectivity for most common equipment and sensor applications. If additional connections are required, or if more advanced HVAC applications demand it, FLEX can work directly with a third-party controller over BACnet.

Topics: Critical Environments