Case Study: Ensuring Accuracy in Any Environment with the AXD

December 17, 2019

Mechanical equipment requires precise elements to ensure the system works properly. Without accurate components, a mechanical system can't function. Manufacturers of such systems are reliant on the producers of the components for their equipment. The manufacturer in question provides a mechanical system used in all climate conditions across the globe; in this application, accurate readings within a short system operation time are critical.

Although the manufacturer had a supplier for industrial pressure transducers, they continuously faced supply issues and were searching for a more stable supplier on which to rely. In looking for a new supplier, they were also interested in finding a transducer with better accuracy over a longer period of time. An IP67 environmental rating was also vital so the sensor could survive the varied and harsh conditions it might encounter. To replace their previous sensor, a new transducer needed to have a wide temperature range and an M12 4 pin connector.

The AXD was chosen to fill this need because of its wide range of operating configurations to meet almost any demanding application and environment; previously, such flexibility was only available when combining different vendors and product lines. With 0.25% accuracy and a short lead time, the AXD is more readily available and more accurate than the previous sensor the manufacturer used. An IP67 rating means the AXD is protected from solid objects entering the sensor and can survive brief submersion in water. The wide temperature operating range of the AXD, from -40°C to 125°C, helps ensure the mechanical system will work accurately no matter where in the world it is used. While many sensors don't support an M12 4 pin connector or will require a custom order for it, the M12 4 pin connector is a readily-available option on the AXD.

Topics: Case Study