Why use I2C communication with your transducer?

September 17, 2020

I2C stands for an integer-integrated circuit. This is a commonly used communication protocol that is flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of applications. Specifically, I2C is a serial communication method with bi-directional two-wire communication. Any sensors and secondary devices only communicate when asked to by the primary.

Benefits of I2CAXD1

I2C can handle many different devices, including:

I2C is a digital communication, so it does not require ADC to read pressure. I2C also requires the same 3.3V low power as most microcontrollers. This means no 24V line is necessary for the pressure sensor.

What to Consider with I2C

When looking to install an I2C pressure sensor, there are a number of important questions to take into consideration:

Will the sensor(s) be close to the controller/main board? I2C works best at short distances less than 6 in.

What other devices are on the system? Installing more I2C capable devices increases the benefits.

Is 24V power required for anything other than the sensor? If it is possible, use I2C devices to reduce the entire circuit to 3.3V.


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