What are the Benefits of Field Replaceable Tips?

September 08, 2016

When selecting a humidity sensor, we recommend choosing one with a field replaceable tip. Why are we recommending this? A field replaceable tip is easy to replace and allows the end-user to swap the sensor on-site without having to calibrate the unit or remove it from its mount. We recommend sensors with field replaceable tips for the following reasons:  

  • Low Cost field_tip.bmp
    • No Calibration Fees

    • Lower Cost than purchasing an entire new sensor

  • No Need For Field Calibration

    • Replaceable tips eliminate time consuming and costly field calibration while reducing downtime during service intervals

    • No calibration is needed because each new sensor module is computer calibrated at the factory before shipping

  • Minimal Maintenance

    • Disposable

    • Easily Replaceable

      • Remove sensor tip without uninstalling entire unit

    • Need to replace tips approximately every 5 years

  • Sensor tips easily replaceable for wall, duct and outdoor units

    • For duct and outside air applications the sensor module can be replaced without removing the unit or disconnecting the wiring conduit

    • Simply remove the cover to replace a wall mount sensor module

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Topics: Building Automation, Humidity, HVAC/R