Why Do You Need to Calibrate Pressure Transducers?

November 07, 2016

One of the biggest concerns after pressure transducers have been installed is knowing how accurate the results will be over time. As a result pressure transducers are replaced more often than necessary or are calibrated with outdated technology. Low-pressure transducers used in critical applications require calibration after extended use to ensure reliability.  

Quality Concerns in Obsolete Calibration Method

An older practice for calibrating pressure transducers involves a hand-driven pump with fine adjustments and a micromanometer with a static pressure source. The major problems usually seen with these systems are microleaks, which means there is no assurance that the reading is accurate. The brazed and soldered joints on the lines from the pressure transducer to the calibrator are often the source of these microleaks. These microleaks would not be detected during testing because the static pressure still appears constant.

As a result, a calibration point can not be maintained, so recalibration is necessary. This leads to time consuming (30-35 minutes) and labor intensive calibrations, often involving more than one technician.

The MicroCal Advanced Modular Pressure Calibrator

The MicroCal automated pressure calibrator is used as a stand-alone calibration standard for differential andClean_Room calibration gauge pressure sensors found in critical environments.  It utilizes modular pressure references, enabling the user to select the most accurate reference for calibrating the unit under test (UUT). 

NASA Patented Technology

The MicroCal is designed to perform calibration checks on installed sensors, pressure switches and gauges that monitor critical applications.  The on-board pressure generation system allows for stable and accurate pressure to be applied to the UUT during calibration, while providing isolation from process background disturbances.  This NASA patented technology achieves 0.0002"W.C./step resolution and when combined with high accuracy MicroCal Pressure Modules (MCPM) pressure module the MicroCal is the ultimate low pressure calibration device.

Reduce Calibration Time

When the fast and stable pressure control is combined with high accuracy reference modules and easy to use interface, the MicroCal can reduce overall calibration time up to 80%.

Why Use the MicroCal?

  • Time Savings: 5 minutes vs 30-35 minutes
  • Cost Savings: Requires only 1 technician
  • Accuracy: Repeatable & accurate results

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MicroCal. 

Topics: Critical Environments, Building Automation, Calibration, HVAC/R