Vacuum Pressure Sensing in Medical Devices

November 19, 2019

Vacuum pressure sensors are employed in a range of industrial applications, from high-speed injection molding to semiconductor manufacturing to raw material handling. They can also be found in many different medical and dental devices. These types of medical and dental devices utilize a relatively low vacuum pressure to remove matter. Depending on the specific application, these devices vary from finely controlling aspiration in human organs to saliva ejectors at the dentist. Certain surgical equipment will evacuate minuscule amounts of matter or tissue that are removed as part of a medical procedure. Vacuum sensors can also be used for pressure testing disposable medical devices to ensure there are no leaks.

AXD rugged, accurate, and reliable

Accurate, reliable, and stable vacuum control is crucial for the success of these procedures. Setra's Model 206, 209, and 210 have been successfully integrated into a number of medical and dental devices due to these features. The AXD is the latest addition to this product family and is intended as a solution for medical and dental devices that requires long-life stability. For these medical and dental applications, Setra has both standard and customized products with varied pressure ranges, physical size, and mechanical connections.