Setra's Smallest Sensors for Ventilators

April 30, 2020

Many companies in today's world are working to help support the urgent need for ventilator manufacturing. For this application, Setra's two smallest pressure sensors can function for OEMs, our Models 210 and 263.

The Model 210 is a board mount pressure sensor. It combines accuracy and stability within a small stainless-steel housing. The 210 is available from 1 psi to 100 psi and is powered by 5V. Designed for OEM applications, the Model 210 can be customized to accommodate various requirements.

The Model 263 is Setra's smallest differential pressure sensor. It has a range of 1" WC to 5" WC. With its small form factor and ±1% accuracy, the 263 can be used in many embedded applications.

Both sensors provide high level signal output, eliminating the need to design any additional signal conditioning circuitry. Each sensor can function reliably over a wide temperature operating range. Like other Setra sensors, tolerance to high overpressure is built-in to each sensor's design.

Topics: General Industrial