IPv6 Launch for Setra Power Meter

August 26, 2021

Setra is pleased to announce that the industry’s most versatile power meter just got better!  In addition to the flexible installation, intuitive configuration portal, and unparalleled accuracy, the already versatile communication selections have just been expanded.  All SPM Series power meters now support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) & supports BACnet addendum 135-2012aj, which covers the BACnet/IPv6 section of the standard.

Why IPv6?  With the exponential expansion of internet connected device around the world, unique IP address on internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) are simply running out.  IPv6 provides over 340 Undecillion unique address, which will provide enough address for the foreseeable future.  This exciting feature to ensure our customers will not only have the best hardware available today, but will also future-proof their networking needs for energy management.

To learn more about Setra’s line of power meters and IPv6 solution, click here to schedule a live demo or find out more information.

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Topics: Energy Management