Introducing Setra's Power Meter!

March 10, 2020

Successful energy management relies on detailed energy usage information gathered from power monitoring equipment installed in the building. Setra's latest innovation in submetering is our new Networked Multi-Load Power Meter.

Designed to save both time and money, the Power Meter is available in three versions capable of measuring 3, 12, or 48 loads to meet the needs of any project. The ability to perform multi-point measuring drastically reduces the cost per metering point, leading to overall savings and more granular data. The 12 and 48 load versions come standard with dual voltage capabilities, allowing the user to reference 2 independent voltage services. When used in conjunction with Setra's current transformer line, the dual voltage references allow the user to measure energy usage at two different service levels with revenue grade accuracy all in one meter.

Safe by Design

3 and 12 meter-1All aspects of the Power Meter enclosure and interface were designed to protect the user from harm. Setra's Power Meter is designed as its own UL approved enclosure eliminating the need to purchase and fit the meter in a separate enclosure. Setra's NFPA70E compliant USB interface allows the user to safely make configuration changes or access data without having to wear PPE or shut down service to panel. All Power Meters come standard with a 200 KAIC fuse, making it one of the highest rated devices on an electrical system and exceeding most requirements to make it the safest meter on the market. 

Installs in an Instant

Flexible piece by piece installation is simple thanks to the Power Meter’s modular style construction. Its unique rotatable display means the power meter can be installed around the current layout of the electrical room in the easiest possible orientation to minimize conduit runs. With the modular-style construction and rotatable display, the meters’ user interface remains in the most advantageous position for interfacing with push-buttons and USB connection, while keeping the display easily viewable in any orientation.

Setra’s new web portal designed for the Power Meter makes configuration intuitive. The meter can be configured from the field or at a desk with the step by step input configurations. When configuration is finished, the web portal’s installation report confirms setup is done right the first time. The Power Meter web portal also allows you to:

  • Configure alarms for various parameter thresholds
  • Access power analytics for harmonics, waveform, and power trends
  • Choose from 4 communications protocols
    • BACnet MS/TP
    • BACnet/IP
    • Modbus RTU
    • Modbus TCP

Topics: Power Meters, Power Monitoring