HVAC Applications for Pressure Transducers

December 21, 2021

Throughout the entire HVAC field, there are a variety of applications that use differential pressure transducers. With rugged stainless-steel housing, an isolated electrode, and a stainless-steel diaphragm, Setra’s sensors can be used in several of these applications.

Filter Status

Filter status has never been more important than it is today. With increased MERV ratings to combat the pandemic, filters are more costly and changing the efficiency profile of systems around the world. Continuously monitoring the pressure drop across a filter alerts a building automation system (BAS) that a filter needs attention. Differential pressure transducers are a cost-effective and accurate way to measure and maintain a system. The typical range for these sensors is 1” WC.

Air DP Filter Status

Air Flow

Increasing air flow and air changes are also increasingly crucial in today’s world. With recommendations to increase fresh air change rates to reduce risks of COVID-19, accurate air flow measurement is key to maintaining a safe environment while still operating efficiently. Since the flow rate has an exponential component, a highly accurate differential pressure transducer is a cost-effective way to measure flow within a system or Air Flow Station. The typical range for these sensors is 5” WC.

Air DP Air Flow

Room Static

Maintaining proper differential pressure is critical to managing the performance of a space. Whether it is a laboratory or even a building’s lobby area, keeping the differential pressure within the designated pressure range is important for safety. Transducers are a key component to the air handlers, economizers, and overall building automation system, as they help to measure pressure and give feedback for proper building control. The typical range for these sensors is ≤0.25” WC for uni or bi-directional flow.

Air DP Room Static

Stairwell Pressurization

For a smoke free stairwell in the case of a fire emergency, proper differential pressure is critical. When a fire is detected, the building’s HVAC system plays a key role in ensuring building occupants can exit the building safely. Differential pressure transducers are pivotal in the feedback loop to maintain a positive pressure in the stairwell even while fire suppression systems are active. The typical range for these sensors is ≤0.25” WC for uni or bi-directional flow.

Air DP Stairwell Pressurization


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