How To Make Room In Your Budget For Energy Management

August 08, 2016

Integrating energy management into your company’s budget is a challenging task. There are many reasons why companies today are not investing in energy management. Many owners view investments in as an expense rather than an investment. Energy costs often account for the largest portion of a company’s expenditures yet many don't realize that an energy management program can save money and provide an immediate ROI. We understand that budgets are tight, however by being creative with your budget there are several steps that can be taken to save money in order to invest in energy management.

Participate in energy monitoring programs

In times of high energy demand, many energy bigstock-Two-Female-Accountants-Countin-105729755.jpgmanagement programs today offer regular payments in exchange for cutting back on energy use. These demand response payments can be put back towards a company’s budget and eventually create a positive return on investment. Using energy data to reduce energy consumption and peak times, companies can operate more effectively and uncover other savings opportunities.

Join Utility Incentive Programs

Utility incentive programs are becoming more streamlined as utilities are planning to spend more on providing rebates for energy efficient incentives. Some programs include covering costs for energy efficiency services such as audits and retro-commissioning, while others fund installation fees (incentive programs vary by state).

Plan ahead with your supply contract

Be aware that your return on energy management investments begins early on, even during the planning stages. By planning ahead, you can integrate your energy management investments into your supply contract. This eliminates the up-front investment costs while allowing customers to pay for the investment over time and receive the benefits immediately, producing a higher return on investment.

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