How To Choose the Proper Tip for a T/RH Sensor

March 21, 2019

Setra’s T/RH sensors are built to meet the requirements of demanding applications. The right choice of appropriate filter cap is essential for best long-term performance, and the right sensor tip depends mainly on the application.




Membrane Filter1

Body: polycarbonate

Filter: PTFE membrane

Superior protection against fine dust

  • Building automation
  • Dusty environment
Stainless Steel Sintered Filter2

Sintered stainless steel

For mechanical stress and strong pollution

  • Industrial process control
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock barns
  • Unsuitable for condensing environment

Plastic Grid Filter3


For applications with no airborne contaminants

  • Mechanical protection only

PTFE Filter Ø12mm4

PTFE sintered

For a dirty, oily environment

  • Industrial process control
  • Chemical industry
  • Very polluted environment
  • Unsuitable for condensing environment

Metal Grid Filter5

Body: polycarbonate

Filter: stainless steel wire mesh

For high RH/condensing environment, low mechanical stress, and low pollution level

  • Climate control
  • Dryers and humidifiers
  • HVAC

H2O2 Filter6

PTFE sintered

Catalytic filter for H2O2

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • HVAC



Topics: Humidity, HVAC/R