Critical Environments

December 05, 2019

Critical environments are spaces where highly controlled processes take place. These room conditions prioritize safety of personnel and the protection of assets. Poor environmental control in these high-consequence applications can put people, processes, or products at risk. Examples of critical environments include:

  • Surgical operating roomsworkers-in-a-cleanroom
  • Hospital isolation rooms
  • Laboratory fume hoods
  • Bio-safety laboratories
  • Vivariums
  • Clean rooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

Clean rooms are the most stringent critical environments and monitor every particle for size and quantity. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental control is critical for product quality. Proper environmental conditions ensure the effectiveness and quality of medications. Laboratories are very specialized critical environments that necessitate keeping researchers safe from airborne agents. Correct management of HVAC systems and room pressurization is essential for all these safety requirements.

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Topics: Critical Environments, HVAC/R