Coming Soon: The Model AXD™ Pressure Transducer

January 07, 2019

Setra’s latest innovation and addition to our extensive line of industrial pressure transducers is the Model AXDpressure sensor. The Model AXD is Setra’s most versatile pressure transducer yet. The Model AXD is for high performance applications where reliability and versatility are key, all at an affordable price.

The Latest in a Long Line of Innovation

Model AXD Pressure TransducerWith a patented positive overpressure stop and non-oil filled construction, the Model AXD can recover from overpressure conditions up to 8x the rated range. Built to withstand demanding applications, the use of a non-oil filled design eliminates the high cost of failure if oil leaks and contaminates costly equipment. As a result, operation of the sensor is worry free for the user.

Like Setra’s other pressure transducers, the Model AXD boasts capacitive technology, using electrical capacitors to detect pressure changes instead of oil as the transfer medium between the diaphragm and the sensing element. This, combined with the non-oil filled design, sets the Model AXD apart as a drastic improvement over products currently available.

A specifically designed diaphragm for each pressure range gives the Model AXD the ability to measure pressure in ranges from 1 PSI to 10,000 PSI. The Model AXD leverages the strength of the 209 variable capacitance sensor. The rugged design of the unit is meant to withstand high shock and vibrations and is built to be CE and RoHS compliant. With all stainless steel wetted materials and a variety of pressure and electrical fittings, the Model AXD covers many instillation configurations. The non-oil filled design allows the sensor to be mounted without gravity influencing the zero output reading of the transducer, as is bound to happen with an oil-filled sensor. An IP 67 rating against rain and snow means the sensor will not be impacted by moisture.

High Accuracy Comes Standard

Total Error Band (TEB) is the most comprehensive and concise measurement of accuracy over a compensated temperature range; in other words, TEB is an all-inclusive measurement of error. The Model AXD has ±0.25% FS accuracy and offers expanded performance through thermal compensation, which brings the TEB to ±1% at temperatures from -20 to 80°C. The unit has a long-term stability of 0.5% FS per year. The non-oil filled design increases the accuracy of the unit, eliminating the false pressure readings occurring when the oil in an oil-filled sensor expands due to high temperatures. Few other pressure transducers available today combine low pressure sensing technology with high accuracy all within a standard – not specialty – product.


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