Coming Soon: Setra's New Power Meter

January 14, 2019

Introducing Setra’s new Power Meter! Available mid-2019, the new Power Meter is making its debut at AHR 2019.

Meet the new Power Meter

Setra’s new Power Meter is designed to save both time and money. Dependent on the needs of the application, options for a 3 load, 12 load, and 48 load meter are available. With multi-point measuring capabilities, the cost per metering point drastically decreases, resulting in overall savings. The new power meter boasts dual voltage capabilities, allowing the user to monitor 2 separate voltages and transformers simultaneously with revenue grade accuracy.

The power meter comes enclosed in a NEMA 1 housing, eliminating the need to purchase and fit the meter inside a separate enclosure. The NEMA 1 housing ensures the safety of both the installer and the team, making an arc flash suit unnecessary for installation or maintenance. The Power Meter is UL listed and rated up to 200,000 KAIC. The new power meter has safe USB access without the need to de-energize the electrical panel.

Flexible piece by piece installation is simple thanks to the power meter’s modular-style construction. Its unique rotatable display allows the power meter to be installed around the current layout in the easiest possible orientation. With the modular-style construction and rotatable display, the power meter retains its ease of interface in any situation.

Setra’s new web portal designed for the power meter makes configuration intuitive. The meter can be configured from the field or at a desk with help from the step-by-step guide for input configurations. Once configuration is finished, the web portal provides an installation report to confirm setup is done right the first time. The user can set alarms based on various parameter thresholds. Investigation into power analytics is possible, including harmonics, waveform, and power trends. The power meter is compatible with 4 communications protocols: BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TPC.

Energy Management Saves Money

As energy costs increase for commercial and industrial spaces, energy management is crucial to minimize energy costs. Power meters can provide useful feedback on energy consumption, daily usage, and which areas are consuming more energy than necessary. Successful energy management requires detailed information on energy usage, and Setra’s Energy Management product line has the tools to help you achieve that goal.

Topics: Power Meters, Power Monitoring, Energy Management