Release Announcement: Setra CEMS 5.0 Software

July 01, 2021

The latest version of Setra CEMS, CEMS 5.0, releases on July 20, 2021. Coming with this new version of the software are several new features.

Calibration Tracking Tool

A calibration tracking tool enables tracking, alarming, and reporting of calibration on and through dates for devices.

  • Ability to set, manage, and receive alarming when an instrument's calibration cycle happens
  • Customize time ranges for expiration notification levels
  • Generate a report with all device calibration information defined in system
  • Easily recognizable visual tools to help take corrective action for device calibration in system

cems calibration tracking tool


Enabling Integrator Partnerships

The updated software enables integrator partnerships, making it easy to setup and manage multiple customer dashboards. An intuitive landing page provides a snapshot of all customer dashboards as well as key analytics. Easily manage individual customer features such as Idle Logout Time, Device Inactivity Timeout, and Data Retention from one location.

cems dashboard integrator partnerships

User Defined Devices

Coming with the update is the ability to add user defined devices. Customers can then view data from any generic or custom device. When adding devices, there are up to 25 parameters available for each user defined device.

cems add custom device




















New Menu Tabs

Several new menu tabs have been added to increase the functionality and navigation of Setra CEMS.

General: Streamlined information about the software, its version, last updated, the current version's release notes as well as editable field to enter software IQOQ date performed if applicable.

cems general tab

Users: Easily add or modify who has access to your Setra CEMS dashboard.

cems users tab

Help: Contact the right people for support on hardware or software inquiries.

cems help tab

EDGE Portal Software 2.0 Release

In tandem with the CEMS 5.0 release is the EDGE 2.0 release. The ability to support Setra Particle Counters through native MODBUS devices has been added. This allows users to better configure and visualize data in CEMS.

edge particle counters

Additionally, the user can now have a guided virtual tour for the EDGE Software portal to help users better understand and navigate the EDGE software.

edge portal tour

NOTE: This software update (2.0.0) is not compatible with SetraEDGE 1.0 hardware. If you have questions regarding your SetraEDGE hardware, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or email

To learn more about CEMS, watch our demo or speak to one of our experts.


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