Case Study: Expanding Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms in a Hospital

December 17, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are expanding their isolation room capacity. Currently, Brownfield Regional Medical Center is using the AIIR Watch to create extra isolation rooms for any infectious disease patients in their facility.

Increasing their number of isolation rooms was not a typical expansion but rather a quick adjustment to handle the increase in cases; a traditional expansion wasn’t possible as the other areas in the hospital needed to remain open. Setra AIIR Watch allowed them to create negative pressure spaces safe for patients without closing for expensive retrofit construction.

“The AIIR Watch is extremely easy to use,” said Jerry Jasper, CEO of Brownfield Regional Medical Center. “It can make any room negative air pressure to treat any type of infectious disease quickly without cumbersome retrofit. It is a brilliant product and game changer.”

A number of key features led Brownfield to choose AIIR Watch. Of the negative pressure machines they considered, AIIR Watch was the quietest and least disruptive. Compact and mobile, it was easy to use and the ideal size for a typical patient room. The adjustable vent cover made it easy to fit the exhaust hose out the window without having to cut sheet metal. AIIR Watch was easily scalable, useable in any wing for any contagious disease without expensive retrofit or disruptions to operations.

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