Benefits of Increased Air Circulation and Purification in Long-Term Care Facilities

March 04, 2021

In cases where a long-term care facility may not be able to set up negative pressure isolation, but they are still looking to improve the air quality and safety of that isolation space and surrounding areas, the Setra AIIR Watch can used to purify and recirculate the air. Regardless of the application, the air that passes through the Setra AIIR Watch is being sterilized to 99.99% effectiveness with the UV-C light and HEPA filtration inside. The key to this effective sterilization is the particles that are trapped by the HEPA filter inside the unit have UV-C bulbs entrained on them to neutralize viruses and bacteria on first pass through the Setra AIIR Watch. Instead of getting exhausted out to create negative pressure, the sterilized air can be recirculated to increase air changes per hour and purify the air in the space

aiir-watch-air-testing-resultsIn addition to the testing on virus and bacteria neutralization performed via a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, the Setra AIIR Watch has also been tested to prove reduction of all particulates in the air. Setra has a line of advanced particle counters typically used in clean room applications, like pharmaceutical manufacturing, to ensure the air quality is up to the desired clean room ISO standards. These particle counters were used to monitor the air in a typical office space with and without the Setra AIIR Watch in use. The particles in the air were reduced by 99.8% in minutes when using the Setra AIIR Watch as an air purification system—significantly increasing the air quality in the space.

When negative pressure isolation creation is not possible, this comprehensive air purification and circulation solution is an alternative practice to increase the safety of the residents and staff in a long-term care facility. This method can be used to improve the air quality inside or outside of an isolation space, or it can be used when sterilizing and cleaning a space that has held an infected patient. Being able to increase the air changes per hour in that space increases the cleaning effectiveness and speeds up the time needed to fully turn over the air in that space.

Safer Communities with Improved Air Circulation

To ensure safety for their communities, long-term care facilities, senior living, and nursing homes need effective ways to isolate those with contagious diseases. Illnesses like coronavirus, pneumonia, and the flu can be combatted with increased air circulation and air purification. Incorporating increased air circulation and purification into an isolation space creation plan will help protect everyone in the long-term care community.

Topics: Critical Environments