Be Smart About Including Energy Management into Your Budget

August 25, 2014

With smart meter demand rising, price points still don't seem to be budging from its premium peak. Many don't realize that with an energy management program in place, the return outweigh the costs. Finding a budget is the first obstacle that needs to be tackled when looking into this expensive solution.

How to make room in your budget:

  • When participating in energy monitoring programs, demand response payments are pocketed
  • Incentive programs are popping up everywhere from utility companies, because they're now more streamlined.
  • Plan ahead when framing your supply contract. Be aware that your ROI starts early on, and remains a long-term benefit.

Another consideration, besides allocating space in your budget, is to know which smart meter is right for the job. Setra's Server room interiorPower Patrol is extremely versatile, because of it's variety of applications:

  • Demand Response
  • Energy Cost Allocation
  • Equipment Efficiency Tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tenant Sub-Metering
  • Net Metering

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Topics: Energy Management, Building Automation, HVAC/R