Setra's Industrial Webinars and Industrial/HVAC Videos on Demand

August 19, 2014

Setra's educational webinars and videos on demand provide helpful information on applications, industry best practices and more. These webinars and videos are just a few of Setra's readily available resources for technical info.

Industrial Webinars:videoscreenshotblog

  • Test & Measurement Webinar Series: How to Select Low Differential Pressure Transducers
    • This two part webinar series reviews: how differential pressure transducers are used in critical pressure applications, important characteristics of a differential pressure transducer, and what features to consider when selecting a pressure transducer for test and measurement applications.

Industrial and HVAC Videos on Demand:

  • Overpressurizing Pressure Transducers Experiment: In Setra’s engineering lab we put to the test 3 pressure transducers and demonstrate how they handle high overpressure conditions.
  • Current Switch Comparison: This short video compares common current switches & introduces the Sure-Set.

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Topics: General Industrial OEM, Critical Environments, Process/Mfg Tank Level, HVAC/R OEM, Semiconductor, Water and Wastewater, Industrial Vacuum, Test and Measurement, Building Automation, Barometric, Medical, OHV, General Industrial, Alternative Fuels, Oil and Gas, HVAC/R