Accurate Sensors Help You Maximize Air Handling Unit Efficiency

May 20, 2014

HVAC controls are built around a number of parameters that affect a building’s interior environment; temperature, humidity, air intake, and air exhaust. Reliable inputs are critical to effective control. Setra provides robust, accurate sensors to helHVAC Controls - OEM Differential pressure sensor - Setra™p you control your air handling equipment with ease, efficiency, and dependability.

  • Models CSC and CCM for fan proofing
  • Model SRH for intake and exhaust air temperature and humidity
  • Model 241 for pressure drop across a filter
  • Models 162/263/265/260 for duct static pressure, CFM calculation, or pressure drop



CLICK HERE to download the image and see how Setra humidity sensors can help you get the most of your air handling unit.


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