Protected Environments: Protecting the Most Vulnerable

June 13, 2023

Protected environments are designed to ensure at-risk patients with diseases such as cancer or HIV are kept safe from airborne pathogens. This requires constant pressure monitoring of the space to ensure positive pressure is maintained, preventing infectious agents from entering the space. Monitoring temperature and relative humidity is critical in minimizing bacterial growth and ensuring patient and staff comfort and safety.



Variable Monitored Solution Parameters Frequency
Pressurization to Adjacent Space Flex/Lite Positive Continuous – recorded daily
Pressure Differential Flex/Lite 0.01 (INWC) Continuous – recorded daily
Constant DP Monitoring  Flex/Lite Required Continuous – recorded daily
Temperature SRH1 70 – 75 (°F) Continuous – recorded daily
Humidity SRH1 Max 60 (%) Continuous – recorded daily

*Based off of ASHRAE 170 Standards


Setra FLEX - Reliable Room Monitoring of Protective Environment Spaces

The FLEX is a valuable tool for ensuring the health and safety of patients and staff in protected environment spaces. It is a reliable and easy-to-use monitor that helps maintain a positive pressure environment, which is essential for preventing the spread of infectious agents. This also allows the FLEX to:
  • •    reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  • •    improve the quality of air in the space, which benefits patients with respiratory problems.
  • •    help to create a more comfortable environment for patients and staff.

SRH1 - Monitor Temp and Humidity to Mitigate Bacterial Growth:

The SRH1 is a reliable temperature/humidity sensor that helps maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. It is important to track relative humidity to prevent the spread of 
  • •    Infectious agents
  • •    Mold
  • •    Irritants
Improper humidity monitoring can also lead to health problems such as 
  • •    Colds
  • •    Sinus congestion
  • •    Itchy eyes
  • •    Dry skin



Other Spaces Setra Covers:
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Hospital Operating Space
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Non-Critical Spaces

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