Setra Particle Counter Communications Capabilities

August 09, 2022


Many Choices, Multiple Benefits

However capable an instrument may be operating in isolation, an equally if not more important consideration is how its functionality can be integrated with other devices and systems to deliver optimum business value. This is especially true in the case of particle counters. These sophisticated instruments offer an abundant source of critical information capable of being unified with other data sources, analytical tools, control and monitoring platforms.

Newer technologies such as wireless, cloud and the Internet Of Things (IOT) complement established standards such as Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet enabling easy and effective control, communications and diagnostics.

Modbus - Tried And Trusted

Extensive Modbus communications functionality is standard across all Setra particle counter models with more advanced interfaces also available on the units which feature graphical user interfaces.

Every model hosts a comprehensive Modbus register map allowing the units to be managed and serve data to client applications such as Building Managements Systems, SCADA Systems, LIMS, MES or an EMS such as Setra CEMS software.

Modbus is a long-established and ubiquitous industrial communications protocol supported by Setra particle counters across RS232/485, Ethernet and wireless media. This broad support and huge installed base make it suitable for integration into both contemporary and especially legacy systems.MODBUS Wired communication capabilities for particle counters










BACnet – THE Building Automation Communications Standard

Setra also offers the capability to interface its particle counters into BACnet facility communications architectures. BACnet is the ASHRAE building automation and communications standard incorporating a rich object model and is supported by the majority of building automation and equipment vendors. Utilizing BACnet, devices such as the popular Setra Flex monitors, temperature/humidity and differential pressure sensors are straightforwardly integrated together with Setra particle counters and 3rd party systems.














HTTP – Remote Operation Via A Web Browser

Setra Particle counters can be accessed with a web browser via Ethernet (wired or Wi-Fi), by simply using the instruments IP address as a URL. The following functions can be performed remotely:

Start and Stop sampling, change Data Units, select Locations and turn on/off displayed channel values.

TCP/IP communication capabilities for Particle counters














Say Hello To {JSON}

JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is the lingua franca of the IOT. It is the by far the most popular means by which Web Services communicate and is natively supported by Setra SPC5000, SPC7000 and SPC8000 particle counter models.

These devices can be configured to send JSON formatted messages (wired or Wi-Fi) to a JSON server after every sample. These servers can aggregate data from multiple JSON sources and provide it to a multitude of client applications locally or across the internet.JSON communication capabilities for particle counters













USB – Client and Host Connections

The connection types mentioned so far are all able to be implemented remotely but Setra particle counters also support local communications through on-board USB type A (Host) and USB type B (Client) ports.

The USB Type A interface is used for initial instrument configuration and as a local one-to-one connection for control, monitoring and diagnostics of the device.

The USB Type B interface allows for a USB memory stick to be used to save or set up the instrument configuration or can be used to transfer recorded data in CSV file format. Additionally, this port can be used to connect to a local portable USB printer which can print a variety of paper reports.

Which Options Are Right For You?

Thanks to Setra Intelligent Module Architecture, all of the interfaces listed above can be active simultaneously, at full speed, while the instrument is in full operation. With this wealth of ways in which to communicate with Setra particle counters, it can be confusing to determine which is right for your application. Contact your local Setra representative to discuss your options to derive maximum benefit from these uniquely powerful and versatile devices.


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