Just In: New Techniques For Pressure Testing

September 10, 2014

With different equipment comes different air pressure testing techniques for measurement. But are you sure if your procedures up to date? This article breaks down specifically what methods need to be implemented for different scenarios. These new steps in calculating

These new techniques cover testing for:


HVAC/R Building Automation HVAC/R
  • Packaged equipment
  • Total external static pressure

Though there may be some instances where you need to plot fan airflow, or the internal equipment pressure may drop. There's guidance on these two situations:

  • When no pressure was taken at start up
  • Internal pressure drop

How the static pressure is depicted and benchmarked is critical to continuous improvement of your system. There will always be new innovative ways to conduct pressure tests, but will you be the one to incorporate them into your current practices?

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(Source: http://contractingbusiness.com/rob-doc-falke/new-commercial-hvac-static-pressure-test-methods)

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