How to Read Your Electric Bill

July 14, 2016

Has your electricity bill ever been higher than expected? Rather than blindly paying the amount, we will help you understand and breakdown the important areas of your bill.

Identifying where your money goes in your energy bill can allow you to better manage energy consumption and develop plans for cost savings.




1. Current Bill Date
The date the bill was created


2. Next Meter Read Date
The estimated day your energy provider will read your meter


3. Electric Bill Comparison
Breakdown of energy charges and compared with your previous month and yea


4. Bill Analysis
Information on your energy usage compared with your previous month and year; includes average daily temperature, average daily electricity use, and number of billing days


5. Energy Use By Month
Graphic representing your energy usage in kWh over the last year by months


6. Highlights From This Month’s Billing Period
Account summary and history of charges since the previous bill; includes previous bill balance, payment adjustments, current charges and total cost of electricity


7. Total Cost of Electricity
Evaluates electricity charges into two main categories; delivery and consumption


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Topics: Energy Management, Building Automation, HVAC/R