Hospital Non-Critical Spaces: Ensuring Compliance in Often Overlooked Rooms

June 13, 2023

Enhancing Safety and Compliance

By incorporating Setra's room monitoring solutions, hospitals can proactively address compliance issues in non-critical spaces (such as linen storage, emergency departments, Bronchoscopy Spaces, etc.), ensuring patient safety, staff well-being, and regulatory adherence. Regular monitoring with Setra's reliable and user-friendly solutions minimizes the risk of non-compliance surprises and supports hospitals in achieving successful audits and inspections. This is why Setra's room monitors are trusted by the top 6 cardiology and heart surgery hospitals across the nation.


Environmental Requirements for Non-critical Spaces
Critical Space DP  to Adjacent Space*

Min DP (in WC)

DP Continuous Monitoring Temp. (°F) RH(%) ACH
Bronchoscopy (-) 0.01 Best Practice 68 - 73 Not Specified 12
Morgue/Autopsy (-) 0.01 Best Practice 68 - 73 Not Specified 12
Dirty Linen Storage (-) Not Specified Best Practice Not Specified Not Specified 10
Clean Linen Storage (+) Not Specified Best Practice 72 - 78 Not Specified 2
Emergency Department - Non-trauma (-) Not Specified Best Practice 70 - 75 Max 65 12
Emergency Department Trauma (+) Not Specified Best Practice 70 - 75 20 - 60 15

*Based off of ASHRAE 170 Standards  


Proactive Monitoring: 

By implementing the Setra Lite, it ensures that non-critical hospital spaces have adequate ventilation and air quality, reducing the risk of infection and promoting overall health and well-being for patients, staff, and visitors. By directing airflows correctly, it proactively prevents cross-contamination and the entry of infectious pathogens into critical areas like operating spaces and isolation spaces. Moreover, the LITE's automated monitoring eliminates the need for manual air quality checks, saving both time and money for staff. 


Preventing Audit Surprises:

Without proper monitoring, hospitals may unknowingly fall out of compliance in non-critical spaces, only realizing the issue during audits or inspections. Setra's room monitoring solutions, such as the Flex and Lite models, provide easy-to-see information and visual indications of potential problems. This enables healthcare professionals to proactively address any non-compliant conditions and avoid last-minute surprises during audits.


Simplifying Joint Commission Inspections:

Joint Commission inspections can be complex and demanding, requiring hospitals to demonstrate adherence to strict standards. Setra's monitoring solutions streamline this process by providing clear, easily interpretable data on the Flex and visual indications on the Lite. These features enable hospitals to showcase their commitment to safety and compliance, facilitating a smoother inspection experience.



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