Future Trends in Smart-Grid Applications

August 21, 2014

The future looks bright for both smart meters and smart grid. The market is projected to grow around $5 billion into 2020. Although this has regulators worried about policies that are in place for consumers, there are a lot of positive trends that root from these smart grid applications.

What to expect from smart grids:

  • A more accurate insight on energy usage, resulting in higher use of renewable resources
  • Smart-metering will become a standard in consumer data
  • Manufacturers of these sensors will have the opportunity to expand their business into other areas of utility usage
  • Higher rate of energy conservation

Setra's new smart power meter, the Power Patrol, can provide benefits that support these trends along with providing valuable visibility on energy management. Since sensors will have a more vital role in providing data, high accuracy is critical. Setra's sensors can meet the needs of just about any application with its wide portfolio of accuracy ranges Why work harder at energy conservation, when you could work smarter?

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(Source: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2014/08/20/659961/10095415/en/Smart-Grid-Sensor-Market-Steadily-Climbing-to-39-Billion-by-2019-According-to-New-NanoMarkets-Report.html)

Topics: Energy Management, Building Automation, HVAC/R