Release Announcement: Setra CEMS™ Software 6.0 Update

November 28, 2023

The latest version of Setra CEMS™ Software 6.0 is now available! This new software release is packed with new features and updates to improve the monitoring of critical environment applications. 

Consistent & Convenient Monitoring

The new CEMS™ Software 6.0 update allows for effortless supervision of critical environments through an integrated system that connects to existing networks. This update enables remote access and scalable monitoring for up to thousands of locations. Regardless of the specific application, CEMS™ Software 6.0 ensures consistent and convenient monitoring.


Customizable To Site-Specific Requirements 

CEMS™ Software 6.0 has been engineered for adaptability, allowing seamless integration with site-specific requirements. From tracking calibration schedules to user-defined notifications, there are almost no limitations with CEMS™ Software 6.0. Commonly assessed variables include differential pressure, relative humidity, particle counts, air change rates, door status, and temperature. 


Compatible With Your Current Hardware

CEMS™ Software 6.0 integrates with Setra and other third-party hardware. The new software can be retrofitted with existing hardware or commissioned as a new complete hardware and software package through Setra. We’ll work closely with you and your team to install the best hardware and software solutions for your critical environment application needs.


Ensures Compliance 

At Setra, we understand facing audits from regulators, customers or internal quality teams plays a huge role in determining your application success. CEMS™ Software 6.0 has easy access to vital parameters, alerts, custom reporting, and a thorough audit trail. Reports can be created on-demand or automatically, as your official records for critical environment performance. CEMS™ Software 6.0 ensures that all historical data and audit logs are stored to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FDA, CDC, Joint Commission, USP 797/800, 21 CFR Part 11, as well as local health and pharmacy boards. 

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Available Soon on Mobile!

Setra’s new mobile app includes CEMS™ Software 6.0 and will be available to download for free in the Apple and Android app store soon! 

Mobile App Features
•    Receive Push Notifications 
•    Remotely Acknowledge Alarms
•    Building Status Overview
•    Individual Device Status
•    Audit Logs 
•    View Real Time & Historical Graphs 




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