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October 20, 2016

What is Absolute Pressure?

Absolute pressure is measured relative to a full vacuum (0 PSIA = 14.7 PSIV).  The electrical output of an absolute pressure transducer is 0 VDC at 0 PSIA and full scale output (typically 5 VDC) at full scale pressure (in PSIA).  PSIA (pounds per square inch absolute) is a unit of pressure measured relative to a full vacuum.  A vacuum can refer to any pressure between 0 PSIA and 14.7 PSIA.

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February 08, 2016

What is Intrinsic Safety?

Explosions are always possible in hazardous environments. Practical solutions for explosion protection are vital prerequisites for electrical instrumentation and safety measures must ensure a degree of freedom for the connections in the safe area. Ensuring that all electrical loops are initially designed to meet all safety and installation criteria is critical. The output of equipment should be installed and tested so that no additional explosion proof measurements need to be taken later. The most practical way to provide this level of both protection and freedom is by intrinsically safe equipment.

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